It’s important to realize that the transition to a sustainable world needs people who can combine specialized sustainable knowledge and skills with other multidisciplinary skill sets.


82% of employees surveyed by Salesforce believe that a lack of skilled talent is preventing companies from progressing toward climate goals. Analytics from LinkedIn suggests that Green Jobs grew 8 percent between 2015 and 2022, but the pool of people with the skills to fill them expanded by just 6 percent.


Between 18 to 24 million net new jobs could be created by the transition to a net-zero economy by 2030, according to the latest data. Hence, the need for sustainability education and skills for the corporate workforce is growing. How do we address this gap?


We will look to answer this question in our upcoming webinar on the importance of sustainability skills for the workforce. We will also be discussing how companies can benefit from upskilling their employees and how employees can take advantage of this wave of green opportunities.

Distinguished Panelist

Ms. Anjali Ravi Kumar

Chief Sustainability Officer, Zomato

Dr. Shiv Tripathi

Vice-Chancellor, Atmiya University and India Chapter, Lead, Humanistic Management Network

Sohanjeet Randhawa

Mr. Sohanjeet Randhawa

Director – Sustainability Affairs,
Volvo Group

Session Moderator

Randhir Mishra

Dr. Randhir Mishra

Chief Strategy Officer