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Learning Outcomes

Understanding the genesis of sustainability.
Familiarity with ESG.
Interpreting energy and its alternative sources.
Fundamental knowledge of sustainable finance and green economy.
Principles of CSR and its significance.
Cornerstone of social innovation and entrepreneurship.
Awareness about sustainable practices in SMEs

INR 999

Why Sustainability Readiness Programme (SRP)?

Sustainability is evolving as an integral part of the organisations. SRP is designed to enable individuals and organisations to get aligned with policies and practices of sustainability. In addition, key stakeholders of the organisation are expressing the desire to have sustainability integrated into most of the functions of the organisation.
The current Business Responsibility Report will be replaced by the new one, the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR).
According to BRSR, listed firms are required to give an overview of their significant ESG (environmental, social, and governance) risks and opportunities, a strategy for reducing or adjusting to the jeopardize, as well as the resulting financial implications.
Meanwhile, there is an increased demand for trained professionals in sustainability area. According to a ground breaking report released by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC), adopting sustainable and inclusive business models could create up to 380 million jobs, mostly in developing nations, by 2030. Also, can open up economic opportunities worth at least US$12 trillion annually. 93 per cent of the world’s 250 largest companies are now reporting on sustainability.
As a consequence, it is imperative for the organisations to equip their workforce with the understanding and knowledge on sustainable Business and development.