ESG refers to a set of criteria – Environmental (E), Social (S), and Governance (G).

Environmental criteria is applied to identify and mitigate an organisation’s impact on the environment.

Covers the fundamentals of sustainable finance and the green economy.

Social criteria helps in improving the social impact of an organisation , both internally and externally.

Governance criteria is used to examine how the organisation’s board and management drives positive change.

If a business can showcase a strong ESG position, not only will it get more investment, but it will also futureproof itself by becoming sustainable.

In this informative Masterclass, Dr. Colin Coulson-Thomas will cover contemporary requirements and issues for ESG professionals to consider, raise questions about ESG priorities for 2023, what they and corporate responsibilities should be, and how they relate to corporate purpose and priorities, UN Sustainable Development Goals, current challenges and shared existential threats such as climate change.

It will also explore how ESG activities and priorities might better confront realities, address opportunities, and support stakeholder engagement, collaboration, collective responses, and transition and transformation journeys to more responsible, resilient, innovative, inclusive, and sustainable activities, operations, infrastructures, communities, and societies.

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Dr. Colin Coulson-Thomas

President, Institute of Management Services, England and Director-General (UK & Europe), Institute of Directors, India.