With the world in a health crisis, it is now more evident than ever that a healthy life is a fundamental human right. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3 aims to achieve good health and well-being across all the countries. But it is no secret that quality healthcare is expensive. In India, people have access to both private and state government-funded hospitals. While treatment is free in government hospitals, overcrowding, shortages in staff and supplies, and a lack of funds creates a massive roadblock to the quality of treatment provided. To improve the quality and the reach of healthcare services across the country, we need to address the gaps in our health system and policies. So, through this webinar, we aim to answer some of the most prominent questions that arise:

  • What changes do we need to promote better recruitment, training and retention of healthcare professionals?
  • What policies can we implement to safeguard our healthcare professionals’ physical and mental well-being?
  • How can we refine health insurance policies to improve availability and public confidence?
  • What will it take to truly achieve universal healthcare in India?
  • What proactive steps can we take to improve public health and prevent diseases?
  • Can we replicate the success of polio immunisation in our current fight against COVID-19?

What recent technological innovations can we assimilate within the healthcare field to improve diagnosis and treatment?