Sustainability Quotient


According to the latest projections, the global population could grow to around 8.5 billion in 2030 and 9.7 billion in 2050.

Did you know that we would need about three planets' worth of natural resources to maintain lifestyles for future generations at the current rate?

All this means this we have to become more sustainable right now. Take this quick quiz to get your sustainability quotient and know how sustainable you are currently.

We segregate our waste into dry, wet and sanitary at home?

How many goals and targets do the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contain?

The Brundtland report, gave the most recognized and widely accepted definition of the term Sustainable Development, this was in the year

I carry my own water bottle and refill it while travelling rather than buying mineral water bottles

I contribute funds/ volunteer my services to NGOs or social causes.

The true performance of a company is measured through its

I leave the tap running when I brush my teeth?

What is the deadline to achieve the SDG goals?

What is the leading health risk factor for death in the world?

Which sector has the highest greenhouse gas emissions?

I talk to my family and peers about our responsibility towards society and the environment.

It is proven that investing in sustainability practices does not add value to an organisation but it leads to lower financial returns.

I don’t have anything left on the plate when I finish eating.

The Sustainable Development Agenda has been adopted by ____ UN Member States.

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

How many pairs of footwear do you have?

I prefer to buy products/services from brands that have sustainable practices. For example, an organisation that has a fair policy for its employees/ contributes to CSR initiatives significantly, etc.

I avoid buying single-use plastic items such as plastic covers/bottles/spoons etc

I avoid using paper napkins.

What are MDGs?

My next automobile purchase will be an electric vehicle.

I prefer to carry my own box when I want to bring food home from a restaurant.

The Sustainable Development Goals are legally binding in all countries.

How many goals and targets do the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) contain?

If there is any food leftover at home, I prefer to

What is Net Zero?

I prefer to reuse packing materials such as boxes or plastic/paper covers.

Expand “SDGs”:

How many pairs of jeans do you have?

CSR regulations in India make philanthropy compulsory for companies

I donate unused items

When was the first United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference held?

I prefer buying organic products

Do you have garden/plants at home?

I have a rainwater harvesting system at home.

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The average score is 44%