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A teacher A Guru

Who is a teacher? Who is a Guru ?









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1. There are 2 festivals celebrated to commemorate teachers in India






2 / 14

2. The ancient spiritual practice of imparting knowledge, mentorship & lifelong guidance through teachers to disciples is called






3 / 14

3. Teacher's Day has been celebrated in India since which year?






4 / 14

4. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan served which post in the Indian Government?






5 / 14

5. Guru Purnima is also celebrated in which other countries?






6 / 14

6. How are these special days dedicated to teachers celebrated in India?






7 / 14

7. By signing up on Mastering India online learning hub, you can






8 / 14

8. What is the literal translation of the word Guru?






9 / 14

9. Guru Purnima is celebrated only by Hindus






10 / 14

10. What does the word Guru mean?






11 / 14

11. When is Teacher's Day celebrated in India?






12 / 14

12. Teacher's Day is celebrated on 5th September because it is the birth date of?






13 / 14

13. What is the name of the Hindu festival which is dedicated to teachers, leaders and gurus?






14 / 14

14. When is Guru Purnima celebrated?




Your score is


















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Quiz Description

How is the teacher perceived in Indian culture? Is there a day specially meant for teachers? What is the difference or similarity in a Guru and a teacher ?

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