Who we are

SLX academy delivers high quality educational content, that gives solutions to short-lived profits, quick lapses or degraded spaces and environment. It enhances responsible, sustainable and long-lived impactful living for businesses, corporates, banks, students and individuals. It aims to create an empathetic and goal-driven community. With engaging digital content, exchange of ideas, philosophies and unique learning opportunities, we would like to create a more accessible and sustainable future.

Throughout history, the world has benefited greatly from ideas developed in different corners of the Globe, that have gradually diffused from one place to another. On many occasions, ideas have widened their roots in places different from where they were born initially. They eventually go on to rewrite history. In a hyper-connected world, this takes on an entirely new dimension, transforming traditional models of education in its wake. SLX Academy believes in this trans-formative power of the exchange of people and ideas that drive hybridisation and Global innovation.

about us

What we do

Today’s world is filled with abundant information across various streams. Its often not about how much we learn, its ‘what we learn’ that can drive change. Sharing the right tools, skills and values can help us grow as a community. How?
We host unique events and learning opportunities that can help drive sustainability. We offer end-to-end courses on sustainability related from the experts.

To maximize our impact, we partner with change makers, thought leaders, business leaders, educational institutions, policymakers, creative entrepreneurs, and visionaries who can help us create a brighter future.

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Myriad of Courses

  • Do you Want to know, ‘what is sustainability’? Or pursue it to gain expertise
  • We host interesting and progressive courses, ranging from Fundamentals of Sustainability to Certifications and professional Programs.
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Learning through Experience

  • Want to gain hands on experience and feel how sustainability is?
  • We design customised Experiential tour, to gain first hand exposure or insight, where we help you visit previously achieved sustainable cities, states or countries.
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Business Accelerator Guide

  • Looking for maximising the growth of your Business or Start-Up?
  • We welcome you to participate in ‘Savethon’, a sustainability competition. The winners with the top propelling Entrepreneurial ideas supporting SDGs, go on to become Sustainable Impact Fellows, gaining a full-fledged and tested guide of 12-week experiential programme.
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Professional Skill Framework

  • Do you want to be sustainability coach or an Ecologist?
  • This is one stop platform to get professional training programmes for any kind of sustainability jobs. Some of the certifications you can achieve are – Certified Sustainability Readiness Professional (CSRP), Certified Sustainability Practitioner (CSPR)), Sustainability Coach, etc.