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According to the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), despite the growing importance of risk management programs today, many healthcare providers have been slow to adopt a more sophisticated approach. The current state for most providers falls between ‘basic’ and ‘evolving’ maturities for ERM programs.

To expand the role of risk management across the organization, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities are adopting a more holistic approach called Enterprise Risk Management. ERM includes traditional aspects of risk management including patient safety and medical liability, and expands them with a “big picture” approach to risk across the organisation.

This online, free session with Mr. Manian K.B.S., Group Chief Risk Officer & Head – Internal Audit, Apollo Hospitals Group, covers the following sub-topics:

1.Understanding Enterprise Risk Management

2.The Role of Enterprise Risk Management

3.The Benefits and Challenges of ERM

4.The Future of ERM in Healthcare

Join this informative masterclass to understand Enterprise Risk Management from the perspective of the healthcare industry.


Mr. KBS Manian

Group Chief Risk Officer & Head – Internal Audit,
Apollo Hospitals Group