Frugal Innovation

Frugal Innovation

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Why is Frugal Innovation important?

Course Description

This Deep Dive into Frugal Innovation will show you how companies and people arround the world have implemented the principles of frugality in their innovation process, and thereby improved their effectiveness. Frugal Innovation is not only important for your bottom line, but for the world as a whole. Find out how Frugal Innovation can impact everything from rural farming to missions to Mars.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand wht Frugal Innovation truly means
  • Learn about some of the successes of Frugal Innovation
  • Understand how it can benefit developing as well as developed markets
  • Learn about the secondary and tertiary benefits of Frugal Innovation


Satyadeep Rajan

Satyadeep Rajan is an Indian origin entrepreneur who has lived in Switzerland for over two decades and was the founder of the country’s first eCommerce store in 1996 that sold chocolates online. He has been an advisor to the Swiss Canton on Vaud on Innovation policy and is recognized as an expert by Swissnex India. Today, Satya leads an EdTech venture at a Swiss Innovation Park in Switzerland. Having run startups in both India and Switzerland, Satya is able to compare and contrast the two ecosystems from this unique vantage point.
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