why SLX Digital India Bootcamp 2020?

India’s progress over the past 25 years has been phenomenal. Being one of the world’s fastest growing major economies, it plays an increasingly important role in world affairs, especially when it comes to digital technology. The study trip will take you to India and will offer participants the opportunity to learn about doing business in this fascinating market.

Participants will obtain insights into the strategies and practices of established players within the Indian market and learn about the local start-up environment, with a focus on India's booming digital landscape. To really appreciate the energy and dynamism of Digital India you have to experience it first hand. Seeing the high tech technology campuses of some of the world's largest software companies, the innovation labs at top universities and some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the world will really change your perspective on India.

Many Indian entrepreneurs are dedicated to use technology for social impact and improving the lives of everyone. This mindset and sense of purpose is something entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world can learn from.

India is at the heart of the Digital Revolution- Mohandas Pai