These are the most recent videos on the Swiss Learning Exchange YouTube Channel, made to help you learn and cope with a fast-changing world! Digital Revolution : Listen to industry leaders Mohandas Pai and Ralph Büchi share their insights on Industry 4.0 Digital Disruption in Swiss Media :Satyadeep Rajan, President SLX spoke to the CEO
Canadian philosopher & author Lou Marinoff talks to SLX about globalization, culture and technology. Here is the video!
SLX is proud to announce its partnership with University of St. Gallen. Satyadeep Rajan will be part of the opening panel at the Asia Days 2017 organized by them on April 25-26 2017 where the topic this year is: Outlook 2020: The future of Asia in the global economy
SLX and University of St. Gallen  announced a formal collaboration to develop executive “courses” for Doing business in India’.  Professor. Roger Moser and CEO of SLX Satyadeep Rajan are bullish about the opportunity and see tremendous surge in interest in India from the DACH region.

SLX now at Bluefactory, Fribourg!

 Swiss Learning Exchange enjoys Blufactory co-working space with neighbours Bcomp Ltd, EPFL, University of Fribourg , HEIA, SICHH – Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health, all who are together dedicated to the cause of environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint .

SLX Fäctli

A collection of short fact videos.
Fun Fäctli: In Swiss German, the diminutive suffix "-li" is often added to words to signify "small" or "short".

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Listen to expert insights and hear the perspectives of leaders and innovators.

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SLX India Bootcamp 2017

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