Netflix and Amazon search for new users abroad and are increasingly looking to India as a big market. Once crippled by poor internet infrastructure and low household income, the world’s second-largest internet market has exhibited tremendous potential in the recent years. It’s proving, however, to be a tough nut to crack for the American streaming

Order for food, only by miming

To understand inclusion, visit and eat at the restaurant Mirchi and Mime. You have to mime your order, without using your ability to speak. Students from Switzerland visited Mirchi & Mime, understood the new concept of inclusion and how it is done, and ate great Indian food! #mime #inclusion #slxlearning #learnbyeating #food #ablism
Swiss Learning Exchange got a chance to speak to the Dean of the School of Architecture, civil & environmental engineering ENAC at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) about the prize-winning Swiss solar community centre, the NeighborHub, currently at Bluefactory Fribourg-Freiburg SA. Prof Andersen spoke about collaborative innovation, technological integration of new and existing innovations
Follow us on Youtube to catch our latest videos on how frugal innovation can be relevant for Switzerland, the collaborative and prize-winning model of NeighborHub, how live sports has gone digital and our new story on world’s largest mid-day meal program for school-children that ensures attendance. NeighborHub
For the third consecutive year, after the success in 2016 and 2017, SLX Swiss Learning Exchange is back with this unique program that gives Swiss university students and executives the opportunity to understand a fast-changing India, Bootcamp Style ( SLX International Business Bootcamps – Swiss Learning Exchange Showcase Page ) . Thank you, dear participants-

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Fun Fäctli: In Swiss German, the diminutive suffix "-li" is often added to words to signify "small" or "short".

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