Claudio Zemp , head of Swiss Tourism in India, has shared that the lastest release of Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh has been shot in Gruyère, Fribourg for the song Téré Bin, originally sung by the inimitable Sufi singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.  
Harvard offers cases from around the globe, with a real-life perspective to their business courses. It follows the case study model in its pedagogical methods. The “Case Method,” which Harvard Business School follows, is the pedagogical system of choice at one of the world’s most elite business schools that asks students to put themselves in
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We all agree that the problems of the world are far from over. So what to do? The good news is that there there is a plan. It is called SDG and it stands for sustainable development goals. The bad news is that the word sustainable is important to understand and isn’t quite as much

An SLX story to warm your hearts

How can one organisation address all of these SDGs?  This holiday season, watch our SLX Story. When business and empathy come together, miracles do happen. It is innovative, it is kind and it will warm your heart. Coming soon , en Français , in Deutsch and in English.   Wie kann eine Organisation alle diese
SLX organise un événement adressé aux étudiant-e-s des universités de Fribourg et de Neuchâtel et à toute personne intéressée. Les questions suivantes seront abordées lors de discussions informelles, où SLX partagera sa vaste expérience en Inde et en Suisse.   Venez nombreux. Inscription est obligatoire.
Date: 4 December 2018 Venue: Halle Bleue , bluefactory, Fribourg Time: 5pm- 7pm Costs: Free, compulsory registration If you are a professional in business development, do you know which sectors of the Indian economy are most promising for Swiss SME’s and Multinationals? What are the greatest challenges for Swiss companies looking to enter the Indian
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Fun Fäctli: In Swiss German, the diminutive suffix "-li" is often added to words to signify "small" or "short".

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