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Why SLX?

We believe in the transformative power of learning and exchange. Learning goes beyond access to knowledge. Learning happens where there is community. Communities that thrive are those that are built on the foundation of trust and exchange. Exchange of ideas, people and culture that drive our economy and society. 

We think of ourselves not as solution providers, but as catalysts that drive us towards a more sustainable and equitable planet. As catalysts, our tools and platforms help transform lives through building learning communities.

Our Teams

Our platforms utilize a rich mix of inter-disciplinary skills from community management, educational media and technology. We work in small teams with each team member having a specialization in one of the three key areas outlined above and an interest and some skills in the other.  

However, the skill we value most is a passion for supporting others in building purpose driven communities. 

As an organization devoted to learning, we practice what we preach. If you like learning new skills and sharing your current skills, you will find yourself at home at SLX. 

Life at SLX

The culture of SLX is one of learning, collaboration, community and inclusiveness. We value honesty and openness to new experiences. No one at SLX does only one thing and no one is only interested in one thing. While we all have different specialized skills, we are always encouraged to learn new ones.

By Learners, for Learners

SLX Anecdotes

To get a feel for what it's like to work at Swiss Learning Exchange, here are some anecdotes from our team members...
  • One of my favourite things about working at SLX is that you get to learn so many new and unexpected things along the way. Often literally; Every time we drive to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meetings in Davos, we have several hours of travel time in which I get to discuss the most wide-ranging and interesting things with my colleagues. Everyone is knowledgable about different things and everyone is curious to learn from each other. I, for one, taught my colleagues how to navigate the snowy and frozen streets of Davos without falling over like a Californian billionaire.
    Daniel - Creative Team

Here's how you apply

Motivation Letter

Please write about how you think - 1. You would fit into our team 2. What mix of inter-disciplinary skills you possess for the job opening 3. Why you would like to work with us.

Curriculum Vitae

Please provide a complete CV and, if you're looking for creative work, a portfolio/ showreel.

Apply by Email

If you wish to apply, please send an email with your CV and a motivation letter to jobs(at)slxlearning(dot)com