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Fun Fäctli: In Swiss German, the diminutive suffix "-li" is often added to words to signify "small" or "short".

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En Inde 🇮🇳, les permis de conduire, les diplômes, le registre électoral et d’autre papiers officiels deviennent numériques. Pour configurer un compte Digilocker, les citoyens d’Inde ont besoin d’un smartphone et de leur carte d’identité biométrique officielle. Tout citoyen dispose d’espace de stockage, permettant de stocker une grande variété de documents officiels. Les villes intelligentes
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Friendship Day 30 July 2018

30 July is world friendship day. Sharing with you all a humorous take on “How to make friends with a Swiss person”.

10 jobs that did not exist 10 years ago

10 jobs that did not exist 10 years ago. Follow our posts as we bring you insights from around the world on how to adapt to a fast-changing world. Keep learning with SLX Swiss Learning Exchange!

Blended learning- what is it?

Swiss Learning Exchange specialises in Blended learning content. Blended learning strategies are most effective to help managers and their teams learn and grow. Bring blended learning to your organization: Offer instructor-led courses to help managers and teams apply learning content to their work. Deploy digital courses in an efficient and scalable way to reach a

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